Neptune Systems I/O Break Out Box




When connected to the I/O Port of your Apex, Apex EL, ASM or PMx module, the Breakout Box gives you an easy way to connect up to six external switch inputs to your Apex.

You can easily add float switches, water on the floor sensors, etc. to the Apex WiFi, Apex EL, Apex Lite, Apex Jr (either PM1 or PM2 module also required), AquaController 3, or AquaController 3 Pro. Simply plug the Breakout box`s mini din 8 cable into the AquaController I/O port, and then attach the float switch, or water on the float switch wires to the quick connector terminals. No soldering or special tools required.

  • 5` Cable plugs into the I/O Connector of the controller.
  • Supports 2 Digital inputs on the AC3.
  • Supports 4 Digital inputs on the AC3Pro.
  • Supports 6 Digital inputs on the PX 1000, Apex, and Apex Lite.
  • Quick Connect Terminals – no soldering required. Recommended for use with 18 to 24 gauge stranded wire.
  • 2 Mounting Holes for easy installation.

Examples of things you might connect in this manner include:

  •     Float Switches for sump alerts or ATO (Auto Top-Off)
  •     Push Buttons for special modes (Feed, Cleaning, etc.)
  •     Magnetic switches on cabinets for intrusion detection
  •     Many other creative uses

Additional information

Weight 64 oz