Neptune Systems FMK Flow Monitoring Kit




When paired with the Apex, Apex Classic, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr., the FMK – Flow Monitoring Kit comes complete with everything you need to start effectively monitoring the flow of your return pump and a number of other aquarium devices.

When your return pump is not flowing at the proper level, or when it fails completely, you’ll receive alerts detailing the problem. This can help determine when your lines are dirty or becoming clogged with algae, debris, animals, or the growth of organisms inside your plumbing.

When placed on an auxiliary pump, you’ll know when your pump is malfunctioning or faulty, and also adjust the flow into the reactor by referencing the dashboard tile on your apex.

It is also capable of monitoring UV, a carbon reactor, GFO reactor, biopellet reactor and more. With the Flow Monitoring kit, you’ll be able to precisely determine when your reactors need serving and set your unit to achieve the exact flow desired.

Put a flow sensor inline to your device, plug it into the Flow Monitoring Kit and see the exact flow rate of the water going through that sensor.

The Flow Monitoring Kit comes with three flow sensors, but has an extra port for added functionality.

Kit includes:
Fluid Monitoring Module
1″ Flow Sensor
1/2″ Flow Sensors (2)
1″ PVC Union
1/2″ PVC Adapters (2)
3′ AquaBus Cable

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Weight 1360.77711 oz