Neptune Systems Apex PMK PAR Monitoring Kit




With the PAR Monitoring kit you can monitor and log your aquarium’s light levels 24 hours a day! Perfect for fine tuning the lighting on your tank, the PAR monitoring kit now lets you adjust your lights with the confidence of knowing you will not be giving too much or too little light to your corals and plants. The Apex with the PMK measures actual PAR, which is the light from 400 to 700 nanometers that organisms can use for photosynthesis –including the zooxanthellae algae that lives inside your corals.

Key benefits include:

  • Performs continuous light-level monitoring for your aquarium
  • Measures actual PAR – the light corals and plants us
  • Prevents burning out corals
  • Includes ASM – the new Advanced Sensors Module
  • PAR sensor hides nicely in aquarium inside Real Reef Rock
  • Fine tune your lighting to the needs of the aquarium

Additional information

Weight 64 oz