MRC® MR-6™ Protein Skimmer





Up to 1,250 Gallons | Ozone compatible | High Quality 3/8″ Cell Cast Acrylic & 1/4″ Cell Cast Acrylic tube

+Series Signature Protein Skimmers have been successfully running aquariums for two decades. Our injector assembly uses a pressure differential to generate a massive quantity and quality of bubbles to maximize protein skimming. Historically, these have been powered by high pressure (high power) pumps, but with the advent of ultra efficient DC powered pumps, these skimmers are more potent and efficient than ever.

Utilized by professional aquarists and organizations worldwide, the MR-6 provides increased dwell times within the same footprint of the MR-4.  Also comes standard with the second injector assembly.


System capabilities: 1250 gallons

Total Height: 48″

Foot Print: 12″ x 12″

Number of Injectors: 2

Injector Input: 1″ SOC

Gate Valve (Standard): 1 1/2″

Recommended Pump: MRC-MP6100, BL-100 HD (PW-250PS)