Maxspect Jump 30W LED Light – Regular




Premium Features at a Competitive Price

  • Full aluminum body with matte finish
  • Inline controller with multiple one-touch photoperiod programs
  • Specialized color spectrum for both SPS, LPS and soft corals
  • Passing cooling for silent operation
  • Available in Regular Edition and Refugium Edition

The MJ-L130 is the little cousin to Maxspect’s 65W MJ-L165 LED. It features a silent, fanless passive cooling design and fully-sealed aluminum construction. Its 32 LEDs consisting of Blue, Violet, and UV diodes consume a maximum of 30 watts and can be operated via a simple inline controller. Choose from three different photoperiod program spectrum and timing options including “10000K”, “16000K”, and “SPS Thrive AB+” for six, ten, or twelve hour periods.


Model – MJ-L130

Power – 30 W

Dimensions (not including stand) – 9.5″ x 4.75″ x 1.25″

Coverage – 12″ – 20″

LEDs – 32 Total

  • 10x 6500-7000K White
  • 14x 465-470nm Sky Blue
  • 4x 450-455nm Deep Blue
  • 2x 410-420nm Violet
  • 2x 395-400nm UV

Photoperiod Programs – 10000K, 16000K, SPS Thrive AB+

Photoperiod Timers – 6, 10, and 12 hours