Aqua Logic Titanium Inline Heater 220V





    Key Features:

    • Pure Titanium flow Tube
    • Pure Titanium Element(s)
    • Digital Temperature Display & Control
    • External Reversible Flow Switch
    • High Limiting Safety Thermostat
    • Integral Contactor / Relay
    • Circuit Protection Delay Switching

    The Electro Titanium Aquatic heater is the latest addition to our growing product range.  Pure Titanium flow tube and elements ensure its suitability for use on all aquatic systems, including salt water / tropical marine.  The decision to produce a Titanium heater was made for a number of reasons.  With outstanding resistance to fatigue and erosion, Titanium has a low density, excellent strength and has super corrosion resistance.  It is considered to be physiologically inert.  This new heater is also suitable for some chemical applications.  Call or e-mail us so we can determine if your application is suitable for this versatile heater.

    All units (including Stainless Steel models) come fully equipped with Digital control for the precise all season temperature control demanded by professional fish keepers, breeders & hobbyists.  Our highly sensitive flow switch, high limiting safety thermostat and integral contractor / relay are fitted as standard.  The Titanium heaters are designed for safety and efficiency.  They are easy to install with the option of water flow from either direction.


    Aqua Logic

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