Aqua Illumination HMS Multi Light Track




The HMS Multi Light Track lets you use as many Hydra modules that you desire and fit within the track system. The tracks are great for multiple light systems keeping them all at the same height, but lets you space and orient the LED units right where you want them.

RMS System Requires:

The HMS Multi Light Mounting System is composed of three individual components that let you customize the mounting system for your exact tank and number of Hydra LED modules. The track system lets you slide your lights from side to side allowing you to position them perfectly for the best coverage and reduction in shadowing.

Just select the track that is appropriate for your aquariums total length (plus1.5″) and that will allow you to use the HMS Multi Light Mounting Kit to support the track or the HMS hanging kit to suspend it from the ceiling or wall brackets. HMS Tracks are made out of high-quality aluminum and will not rust or degrade over time.

Selecting the right HMS Multi Light Track – Add 1.5″ to your aquariums overall length and match with the closest size that is longer than your aquarium.
Example: If you have a 35.5″ tank, add 1.5″ to that length, giving you 37″ total. The 37.5″ HMS track would be the correct choice.

  • Aquariums 25″ to 36″ – 36″ HMS Track
  • Aquariums 37″ to 48″ – 48″ HMS Track
  • Aquariums 49″ to 60″ – 60″ HMS Track
  • Aquariums 61″ to 72″ – 72″ HMS Track

What’s Included?

1x HMS Track

Additional information

Weight 128 oz
Rail Length

HMS 36" Rail, HMS 48" Rail, HMS 60" Rail, HMS 72" Rail

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