Aquarium Maintenance Services

What We Do

From a one time plumbing installation to a 3 times a week maintenance schedule, our aquarium maintenance department does any and everything tank related. We clean, service, and provide husbandry for aquariums in homes and offices throughout the Tri-State area, from New Haven, Connecticut to Northern New Jersey; from midtown Manhattan to the Hamptons and beyond. Nowhere is too far for us to travel to give your tank the care it deserves, whether that be the occasional tune-up or a full “hands off” experience.

Our Team

Our passionate service members are experienced jacks-of-all-trade, as general aquarium maintenance requires them to be part time plumbers, chemists, cleaners, and biologists. Each of our service professionals has years of experience maintaining aquariums of all types and sizes, excelling at providing superb, discrete care to your aquarium on your schedule.

Service Request

Our aquarium maintenance department is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
We can be reached by calling 203-661-8131 and asking for the service manager, or can be contacted at any time filling out the contact form below.