A solid clean up crew of invertebrates is the backbone of any successful reef aquarium. To this end we provide a wide assortment of the invertebrates you need to keep your saltwater tank squeaky clean: turbo and Nassarius snails, hermit crabs, brittle stars, sea urchins. We also strive to supply the more unusual and rare inverts you’re looking for: harlequin shrimp, blue linkia starfish, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish. And finally, we also carry the reefing staples of varied anemones and Tridacna giant clams to give your tank the splash of color it needs.

  • Acropora Guard Crab
  • Big Eye Shrimp
  • Blue leg hermit crab hiding under coral
  • Blue Linkia Starfish
  • Hepatus epheliticus Calico crab
  • Polka Dotted Hermit Crab
  • Red Linkia Starfish
  • Spondylus americanus Thorny Oyster
  • A blue crocea clam A blue crocea clam


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