House of Fins is renowned the world over for the rare and unique saltwater fish we carry, but our extensive selection also includes all of the most popular species as well. We have a tropical saltwater fish for nearly any aquarium: small gobies, basslets, and blennies for the nano tank; tangs, anthias, cardinalfish, and wrasses for the larger reef tank; large puffers, triggerfish, beautiful angelfish, and large wrasses such as the harlequin tusk for the fish only aquarium. Need a Conspicillatus Angel? We’ve got that. Need a clownfish? We’ve got that too.

  • Watanabe Angel Male
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Magnificent Foxface
  • Atlantic Blue Tang
  • Maculosus Angelfish
  • Clarion Angelfish
  • Assai Trigger
  • Crosshatch Triggerfish
  • Vlamingi Tang
  • Majestic Angelfish
  • Eibli Angelfish
  • Clownfish hosting an anemone
  • Banggai Cardinal in front of large green nepthea
  • Cibicus Boxfish
  • Bimaculatus Anthias Females
  • Lamarck's Angelfish
  • Desjardini Sailfin Tang
  • Tinkerii Butterfly
  • Flame Angel
  • Pajama cardinalfish
  • Solarensis Wrasse


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