Our freshwater selection is geared towards both the budding hobbyist starting their first community tank to the Malawi enthusiast looking for just the right Aulonocara. We have all of the community staples, such as livebearers, tetras, barbs, Corydoras catfish, and zebrafish, as well as the more unusual specimens like gudgeons, dwarf cichlids, garras, and rare plecos. Our large semi-aggressive selection is a mix of old favorites and the unusual as well: Eartheaters, Arowanas, freshwater stingrays, spiny eels, blue lobsters. Our African Cichlid selection is an impressive mix from Lake Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria, covering nearly every variety: Tropheus, Mbuna, Peacocks, Haps, Lamps, Shell dwellers, Synodontis catfish.

  • A very happy looking Apistogramma

  • Blind cave tetras evolved in underground caves in Mexico
  • Rare Corydoras are one of our specialties

  • Usually less colorful and with shorter fins than their male counterparts, female Bettafish can be just as pretty
  • Julidochromis are a favorite among African Cichlid afficianados
  • Festivum cichlid, a fairly calm South American Cichlid

  • Killifish are the epitome of exotic freshwater fish
  • Freshwater pufferfish are an engaging animal
  • Plecostomus meets Hillstream loach


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