Our wide assortment of vivid corals runs the gamut, from the simplest purple mushroom to the rarest fluorescent green deepwater Acropora. We specialize in larger and harder to find vibrant colonies of nearly every category of coral: zoanthids, palythoa, and Clavularia polyps; Actinodiscus, Rhodactis, and Ricordea mushrooms; Nepthea, Colt, Toadstool, and Crown leathers; various Lobophyllia, Scolymia, Euphyillia (torches, hammers, frogspawn, galaxea), echinophylia for large polyp stony corals; and a dramatic assortment of Montipora, Acropora, and Seriatopora for small polyp stony corals, in addition to the more unusual Pocillopora and Pavona strains.

  • Acanthestrea echina
  • Acanthophyllia meat coral with red striations
  • Purple acropora
  • An unusually shaped Bleeding apple scolymia
  • Closeup of a Hammer coral
  • Hammer coral under actinic lighting
  • Zoanthids come in a wide variety of vivid colors
  • Rose bubble-tip anemone
  • A hungry Scolymia with its feeding tentacles out
  • Orange montipora setosa


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